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Advantage Reviews, Grievances & Litigation

Beyond our very own results, all of us as well as amassed by far the most certainly insightful customers event i can find, and additionally one instances of lawsuit contrary to the team in which the information turned personal.

Advantage Online Ratings

Few Advantage customer reviews are readily available on public forums. We included the material we found here for its value as unedited, uncensored, and unsolicited user experience. Note that reviews are unverified, start from discrepancies, and may provide dated guidance (about rates, bonus offers, etc.).

“Do not Recommend. If it wasn’t for me calling I wouldn’t have heard anything back, over a months time of calling them at least weekly, everyone I talked to HAD NO knowledge of my loan application. And there was always a new issue that I wasn’t informed about or had already previously fixed…… and it had been confirmed that the issues was fixed by an employer. This company is a waste of time and I do not recommend. It took me way over a month to receive the information that I needed and that was with my loan being “rushed” due to the issues they had made.” – Elizabeth Weaver on Facebook, 9/

“Hello men, I are obligated to pay about $80k in lots of individual figuratively speaking and was able to refinance an average of 7% interest to 5.12% with a co-signer through Advantage Education Loans.

My personal elegance period try ending, You will find good $900 payment owed with my prior bank for the 5 days however, brand new financial may not be disbursing funds up to . What goes on easily make percentage? Carry out I get new $900 straight back possibly regarding earliest or most recent bank? Ought i phone call to find out if I’m able to delay my payment as well as how hard could it possibly be in order to decrease they to possess a few days?” – disnalio on reddit, 12/1/2018

“Simply now I’d acknowledged using Advantage Education Finance. But based on the loan terms, I’ll be paying significantly more over the life of the loan.

I happened to be acknowledged to have fifteen season fees eight.5% (fixed) interest. This would reduce my personal monthly bill in half (away from $680 down seriously to $340). But considering my data – I would personally feel investing regarding $seven,000 more over living of your own financing because of the increased payment term.

You will find looked at the benefits & cons – I do not such as the thought of spending $eight,000 a lot more, nevertheless create needless to say create my month-to-month duty far more in check. I’d be able to place some money into coupons, and/otherwise shell out more on my money.

Generally, I’m like my well being commonly rather boost in the event the I am able to shell out my debts comfortably – and therefore are not possible easily must continue to give Sallie Mae $680 monthly.” – dyl20 on reddit,

Advantage User Grievances

While payday loans Shelbyville on the individual financial institutions, education loan refinancing lenders end up in brand new jurisdiction of Consumer Monetary Safety Bureau (CFPB), a national service. Included in its purpose, the newest CFPB allows customers so you’re able to record official problems. These grievances try in public on the fresh new CFPB certified webpages.

Since the , consumers keeps recorded no (0) grievances specifically throughout the Advantage Degree Funds (Advantage) education loan situations or refinancing on the CFPB.

In that exact same period, people registered 113 issues about Virtue moms and dad organization Kentucky Higher education Guidance Power (KHEAA); that is about equivalent to you to (1) complaint every four (4) weeks, that is 113.5% more than an average day-after-day ailment speed one of analyzed lenders.

Inside the 2019, KHEAA received thirteen grievances, that is equal to one (1) issue for each $step 1.74 billion that year’s business cash. Consumers recorded (1) complaint for each and every around three (3) personnel.